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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

First steps towards playing backgammon

The moves are determined by rolls of the dice. With a roll of two dice you may move one piece the total of the two dice. Or, you can move two pieces, one the number of one of the dye and the other the number of the other dye. When you roll doubles you may move 4 times that number not just two times it. The object is to move your pieces, also called “stones” all the way to your own inner table and then all the way off the board before your opponent does likewise. In other words, Black moves all the way around from their starting points (for each piece is different) to their inner table, and White does the equal opposite. Now the game board is set up as follows: If I am Black, I will see two white pieces on the first point on my side, five black on the sixth, three black on the eighth and five white on the twelfth. The white player will see pieces in the same positions and numbers but the opposite colors. Each player has a total then of fifteen pieces, also called “stones”.


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